Meet Sonny,

Hang On Design’s most skilled & valued worker!

Hang On Design is a Rhode Island based small women owned business delivering unique handmade art from my heart to your home!

Hang On Design creates one-of-a-kind pieces made from handpicked natural driftwood found from beachcombing on the shores of the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island USA. 

I have multiple medical conditions and am not able to work. I live close to the ocean so I often sit and watch the water and boats go by. About a year ago I started making pieces with driftwood I found on the beach for around our home and when people would see what I made they would want to buy them which lead me to start my small business. 

After the driftwood is collected it is water rinsed and gently brushed to remove any debris and then is either sanitized from being sun dried or put in the oven. I do not cut any of the pieces used in order to preserve the uniqueness of each item. Each piece of driftwood has many unique characteristics from cracking to bits of bark colorations and texture.

After each piece is finished, they get named after a song – most often a song from a favorite band.

Our wide variety of driftwood pieces will bring a perfect pop of color to any nursery, bedroom, office, living room and all the rooms in between.

All items are wrapped before mailing and when you unpack your new art, if you got anything that has mixed fibers hanging, you may need to run your fingers through the fibers to de-clump anything that might have gotten tangled during shipping. 

Thank you for shopping small! I hope you enjoy what you see and find a piece you can’t wait to Hang On to.

Email us with any questions or concerns at: [email protected]